You know that Switzerland 🇨🇭 is famous for its banks. You know that the Swiss make good watches, pocket knives, and chocolate. You are also most likely aware that the country has four official languages.

But we bet there are things about Switzerland that will quite probably surprise you a lot.

➡Here are 5 things you probably don’t know about Switzerland⤵
🌐 Formally, Switzerland does not have a capital city in order not to offend any of the cantons. Informally it is Bern, where the seat of government is located.
🌐 In Switzerland ‘social’ animals must be kept in pairs. 🐧🐧 The law says that if e.g. your guinea pig’s best pal dies then you’ve got to get another to keep it company. 👍
🌐 Instead of having one president like most countries, Switzerland actually has a council of seven leaders who rule the country. One of them is voted to be top-dog for one year only.
🌐 Switzerland is neutral but prepared for war. Most bridges, tunnels are wired to blow at the merest sight of a hostile takeover. Having a nuclear shelter is required by law!
🌐 Swiss women were only allowed to vote in 1971. 😮

Surprised, eh? 😊

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