Teaching creative skills

Can the school ✍📚 be a place of flourishing creativity? Of course, it can.

School can be creative as long as teachers rely on creative learning and teaching techniques. It is based on the principle that students learn better when they actively participate in the learning process than passive listeners.

Theatre techniques based on role-playing 🎭, arts, and music are great for elementary school kids to stimulate learning in the classroom. They also help children develop their personality and sensory skills.

Older students need creative ways that help them to engage in discussions, problem-solving, critical thinking, and more. Here are some interesting ones:

✅Brainstorming – a handy tool to develop creative solutions to a problem. Students are asked to develop ideas or thoughts that may seem crazy or shocking at first. Participants can then change and improve them into original and valuable ideas.
✅Concept Mapping – concept maps represent knowledge graphic form. Networks consist of nodes representing concepts and links, which define relationships between concepts.
✅Exaggeration is a powerful method of bringing attention to a critical message. This method helps build ideas for solutions, and it works because we pay attention to exaggerated events in our lives.
✅Reverse Brainstorming involves analyzing a shortlist of existing ideas rather than the initial massing of ideas as in conventional brainstorming. Examining potential failures is relevant when an idea is new or complex or when there is little margin for error.
✅Role-playing – each student takes the role of a person affected by an issue and studies a topic or events from that person’s perspective. A great way to check how you feel in someone else’s shoes.

👉Will you add some more?

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