Do you live abroad? 🇨🇭 Are you struggling to fit in a foreign country and have trouble finding friends? 🙇

Volunteering is by far the quickest and most effective way of meeting new interesting people and getting your social life back on track! 🤩

Where can you volunteer in Switzerland? There are many options, and they vary depending on the place you live in. Here are some examples:
🇨🇭 Swiss Volunteers – they offer a range of opportunities so be sure to check out their website and choose one that suits you
🇨🇭 Caritas – you can run a language course for migrants or help alpine farmers with the harvest
🇨🇭 Serve the City Geneva – located and operating in Geneva lets you help refugees, the homeless, and the disabled.

Think what wonderful people you will meet if you become a part of these organizations. You will also make the world a better place and contribute to the local community 🤗


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