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I will remember heading to the freezing Davos, Switzerland, full of enthusiasm, curiosity, and openness for a long time. I somehow felt that this would be a special week full of serendipitous encounters, deep conversations, and an abundance of ideas and opportunities. World Economic Forum is in the air.

Many of the things I heard about WEF came to my mind while observing the snowflakes from the train window rushing down from the sky: “WEF is the best example of a fragmented world. It’s so brave that it addresses the topic it has contributed so heavily over the last decades.” The main topic of this year’s World Economic Forum was “Cooperation in a Fragmented World”.

I’m thinking about the inequalities in this world and their complexities. I’m puzzled by not yet visible drastic changes that are desperately needed if we want to reach any sustainable target. Yes, my mind wanders in this wonderland.

And yet, this is just one side of the coin. I’m also blessed, enthusiastic and grateful – many people I met in Davos do exactly what is needed. That’s the other side of the coin: people = individuals I was privileged to meet on the roads in Davos and beyond who, despite all that is happening all around, are doing their best, whatever “best” means to them. This is a great reminder that we are all on our very individual paths.

And yet, I couldn’t stop thinking about the old ways of doing things. We can spend many more weeks in panel discussions, behind closed doors deciding on global affairs, at invitation-only meetings where only a few privileged ones belong.

What I think is needed is not rocket science, not an AI-related challenge, and nothing that needs to be pushed to an unknown future. It’s a human challenge that needs to be challenged.

Therefore, I recommend the following for the World Economic Forum and other global parties to come:

Transparency – How much do you need to hide if your meetings are just behind closed doors?

Inclusivity – How about including people from all walks of life in your behind-closed-doors discussions (In case you still believe the doors need to remain closed)? The diversity of ideas will help you find better solutions for the challenges.

Creativity – How about using different methods than just talking? I’m volunteering to make it happen.

What would you recommend?

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