creativity #commitment #focus

So here we are with 2023 ticking already like a maniac trying to hunt himself. After deeply reflecting on 2022, the time to set my intentions for 2023 arrived.

And this is not going to be any surprise. Still, my focus is going to be on creativity: creating, making things and synchronicity happen for myself and my marketing and creativity clients, writing, public speaking and facilitating workshops, and traveling – yes – traveling is what flues me the most, and I can’t wait to be on the road, in the mountains and the sky again.

Thankfully, this year will be different (this is by design – have you ever had exactly the same year, month, day, or minute? – I thought so).

And it will also be a different year for me because I decided to put even more positive fuel into my daily life and endeavors. I would call it more commitment and an invitation to you and the world to embrace meaningful collaborations, so we all can do even more of the best we can do and create things together.

Talking about creativity – are you committed to your creativity this year? I would like to invite you to join us for 21 creative adventures here. For questions and collaboration requests – you know how to find me. 

Creative New Year, everyone!