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So, Iwona, tell us: Why do you read book passages out loud on the internet?

I got this question after I started experimenting with recordings, lights, texts, and joy. It’s an experiment; I’ll see what I will learn – I thought.

I observed how reading out loud improves my attention to detail and makes me think about ideas differently. It definitely enhances their comprehension.

And this is not just because I’m reading from my favorite books but also because it’s an experiment and playful experiments bring even more value to developing our creativity.

What values do you mean?

Here are a few of them:

1. Experimentation expands our imagination. Why? By pure definition: Experimentation is the action or process of trying new ideas, methods, or activities. When was the last time you tried something new?

2. When we think about playful experimentation, we consider that the outcome doesn’t matter much as we were in the learning process. This approach takes the pressure out on our shoulders.

3. Creativity and experimentation are nothing less than engines for innovation.

I don’t know if my filming activities will bring me to any innovative outbreaks but! It truly doesn’t matter because I enjoy it deeply. And it’s just a creative experiment!

And you can find all my videos on my YouTube channel.

More coming!

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