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Oh boy, It’s NOT possible to teach and learn creativity!

This year, I was challenged on many different levels and realized all over again that challenges made me use my creativity and creative skills more often.

I was also challenged on the professional level because apparently: It’s NOT possible to teach and learn creativity. (Here, you can see my eyeballs rolling).

What is possible or not is too often up to our imagination. Catapulting ourselves playfully out of our comfort zones can make us think differently and reimagine how we think, who we are, and what and how we create.

So I took this (impossible) challenge in my hands, looked at it for a while, ignored it, or rather tried to ignore it, hid it in my wardrobe, flashed it in the toilet, threw it out my balcony, and it always came back. Always.

I was thrilled to host the 1. Online Creativity Bootcamp. And the 2nd, upgraded version is accepting new participants!

I’m not telling you how much I would be thrilled to have you there. (Yes, I’ll be thrilled to have you there).

I’m telling you: commit to your creativity, commit to yourself and be ready for 21 days of creative adventures. And let us start together in 2023 on a creative note!

With the early bird code: bootcamp2023, you get a 25% discount! Join us here.