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The Creative Bites Newsletter got over 3K subscribers on LinkedIn, and I would like to thank you for being here. Whatever brought you to this place: the algorithms, the gods and the goddesses, the universe, the stars, or my creative writing skills – I’m grateful.

So the question is: How did we end up here? 

Writing has been my passion for many years: at school, university, and in my free time, writing & reading, to be precise. Anything related to combining words, melting the letters of all, by me, known languages with the sweet waters of imagination. This also applies to the spoken language. 

Words matter – how we use them, express ourselves, and communicate with each other. The words we think, we speak, we imagine. All of that matters and has a powerful reflection on our realities. 

I remember someone wise saying once that when we talk to plants, they can feel our words and relate to them. In a study by the Royal Horticultural Society, researchers discovered that talking to your plants can help them grow faster. So now imagine what happens when you talk to people and how much the way you talk to them matters.

Well, I like sharing the spoken words too – a different type of magic happens when I use the sweet waters of imagination and trust that my spoken words will bring value to the listeners and myself during the process of creation.

And there is also silence. And the power to listen to it, but this is a subject for another Creative Bite. 

What is your relationship to words?


There will be a few possibilities to see me speaking in Switzerland in November. Here are two public events that you can join:

4th November at the Inner Development Goals – Zurich Hub Gathering, register here: https://www.froehlich-coaching.ch/veranstaltungen by Caspar Fröhlich & Edith Hauser

18th November at the Female Founders Night, register here: https://bpw.ch/en/Veranstaltungen/Details?id=581&date=1668790800 by Sheerah Kim, BPW Switzerland, Female Founder Initiative Switzerland, Impact Hub Switzerland

P.S. For private events and speaking engagement questions, please feel free to contact me directly at Iwona Fluda 💡🧠 💭 💚🪄 Creativity.

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