5 easy less-waste techniques to implement in your daily routine

Wondering how you can help the planet 🌍 without turning your whole life upside down? Here are 5 easy less-waste techniques to implement in your daily routine! πŸ’š

Generally, the main rule here is less is more πŸ˜‰

⬇ The first and most important thing is to buy less – don’t need it? Don’t buy it!

πŸ› Bring your own bag – form a habit to bring your own bag to the shops. You can add small bags for fruits and veggies to avoid using plastic ones.
πŸ›’ Shop local – you’ll save time and support local businesses at the same time!
πŸ’° Buy things in bulk – stock up on the basic goods you use quickly or buy your favorite hair conditioner in the largest possible packaging
🧼 Try using a beauty bar instead of liquid soap or even shower gel – the beauty bars consist of ΒΌ moisturizing cream and leave your skin a lot softer and more moisturized than regular soaps.

Have you implemented any other less-waste techniques in your routine? πŸ—¨

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