How to spend a vacation in the city

No plans for vacation and stuck in the city? 🏬

That doesn’t have to mean your days off have to be boring, spent mourning the beach you can’t sunbathe on 🏝, or the mountain tops you can’t climb 🏔

Here are some creative ideas on how to spend a vacation in the city:
🌄 Explore every park in the city. You surely haven’t been to all of them, and spending time surrounded by greenery will do you good. Take some seeds for the ducks!
🎭 Visit museums and art galleries that seem interesting to you – you never know what hidden gems you might find.
🚴‍♀️ Take a city bike or an electric scooter and have a spin around the city – you will see it from a completely different perspective.
🧘 Book a relaxing spa visit and forget all your sorrows.

Anything more pops to your head? Share in the comments! 🗯

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