How to boost your employees’ creativity

Many companies struggle with finding effective ways of appreciating their employees ⭐ and at the same time boosting their creativity 🎨 at work. It’s especially important today in the pandemic/home office times when everything is ‘hybrid’, team projects are mostly done via Zoom or Teams, and sitting too much at home is starting to make people sick 😔

If you’re a boss struggling with such a challenge, here are some ideas on how to boost your employees’ creativity and make them feel acknowledged:

👫 Organize group meetings face to face if possible. Meeting in person for a change will be very refreshing and can result in more creative ideas and increase the group morale.

📢 Let them know you value their opinion – nothing works better for employee commitment than knowing their ideas and thoughts are listened to and valued.

💡 Act on good ideas – employees are more likely to offer their suggestions if they think their ideas will be implemented.

🗣️ Tackle difficult topics, and give constructive feedback – when your employees see you care about solving issues constructively and that you’re being fair doing it, they will feel more encouraged.

Do you have any more ideas? 💬

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