LEGO bricks all around

Are LEGOs a mere child’s play? Not at all!We now know that the functions of these colourful building bricks have extended far beyond that. And the primary reason is that LEGO is a tool that can be used to build almost anything, from complicated engineering structures to mental paradigms!

⤵Look at some LEGO facts that might surprise you 😲 :

• Apart from creativity, LEGOs help your kids to develop a wealth of skills, such as fine motor skills, cooperative play, persistence, solving a puzzle, science & engineering, and the ability to use new techniques to accomplish a task.

• There are LEGO sets for adults, too. Playing with Legos can be therapeutic for grown-ups, create a sense of accomplishment, and helps them to stay calm and focused.

• LEGOs can change the way we see the world around us by changing our attitude towards e.g. the environment, race, gender, or social justice. This way, it can contribute to innovation and social change.

• LEGO bricks could help a company improve its strategic planning, communication, and creative thinking. The idea is that when our hands are busy, our mind is in an unplugged state. During LEGO Serious Play sessions, employees are trying to find a solution with their hands that the mind hasn’t been able to do on its own.

➡Have you ever looked at 🧱 from this perspective?

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