5 places to visit in Switzerland

Switzerland is such an amazing and beautiful place to visit. 🏔️ Full of natural wonders just waiting to be admired. It’s hard to believe that such a small country can offer so many picturesque sceneries.

Here are 5 places in Switzerland you absolutely must visit:

🏞️ Jungfraujoch also called “The Top of Europe”. The trip starts with a train journey up to Jungfraujoch where visitors can look out at the scenery all around them (thanks to the scientific observatory and observation terrace that are located 3,454 above the ground).

🏰 Chateau de Chillon, known as the Chillon Castle. The castle has a lot of history as it was a stronghold for the Dukes and Counts of Savoy back in the 12th century.

🌅 Lake Geneva (lac Léman) Mürren -This village is one of the prettiest places in Switzerland. It is so scenic that it has even been featured in a James Bond film.

🌊 Creux du Van – spectacular natural rocky cirque that had been created by the constant erosion of water and ice. It measures approximately 1,400 meters wide and 150 meters deep.

Have you ever been to Switzerland? What did you see? Share in the comments! 💬


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