TED talks for kids & parents

Have you ever come across TED talks for kids & parents❓

The purpose of @ted conferences is to spread important ideas to trigger conversations on all crucial issues troubling us today, such as education, racism, violence, ecological consciousness, health, identity, etc. It may be great to watch some of them with your kids or students as they are a perfect starting point for meaningful discussion.

TED talks for kids and family: 👨👨👧👦

🌀 enhance communication & exchange of ideas and help families to bond;
🌀 constitute a great tool for homeschooling & lesson planning;
🌀 raise kids’ awareness of the problems of the modern world and their possible solutions;
🌀 through watching inspiring stories they encourage them to come up with their solutions;
🌀 motivate kids and make them aware that everybody can make a difference and help to build a better world and society 💪

➡Here you can find some examples of TED talks for kids ⤵



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