‘A business that cares’

‘A business that cares’ is one of the hottest trends in marketing lately and no wonder because it works 🌟

Take @organiccosmetics.ch for example – the company is here not just for the sole purpose of selling their products.

They care 💚 They care about women, they care for the environment.

These kinds of actions significantly warm a company’s image, and people are much more likely to buy their products because they like the company.

That also works the other way around because if people like your company they are more willing to listen to what you have to say. You can use that to spread social awareness and educate people on important matters.

How to do that?
🙌 Donate some percent of your profit to a worthwhile cause – help children, animals, elderly people.
♻ Use eco-friendly materials and promote less waste.
📢 Talk about your values and truly live them.
🌟 Organize various actions spreading social awareness concerning these values.

Gather like-minded people around you and go make our planet a better place, using your business to help you 🤩

Can you think of any other effective ways of promoting your values through your business?

Share in the comments! 💬

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