How to keep our brains sharp from the very morning

With both COVID 🤧 and autumn 🍂 inevitably coming our way, we need to stay focused and work on our brain cells to stay as sharp 🔪 as possible to always be prepared for daily challenges home office or hybrid working and learning might bring us.

What can we do to keep our brains sharp from the very morning?

😴 First of all, get a good night’s rest – your mind is useless when it doesn’t get enough sleep
🤓 As soon as you wake up in the morning, try to remember what you dreamt of in as much detail as you possibly can.
💦 Start your day with a glass of water and some exercise – keeping your body in shape is also beneficial to your brain cells.
🤓 Play a game – solve a quick crossword or a sudoku – a perfect start of the day.

What do you do in the morning for your brain to stay sharp? 💭

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