Boredom vs creativity

Boredom vs creativity 🔥

Do they really have nothing in common? 🤔 At first thought, it would seem that, but most of you probably know that boredom is creativity’s best friend 😉

Now, since we have covered the… let’s call it passive boredom, we would like to present to you the dullest activities that spark creativity like no other:

🍽 washing the dishes – Agatha Christie said that this particular chore is so monotonous that it makes her think of murder every time, and that’s how her stories came to life,

🧺 ironing – the choreographer George Balanchine said he did his best work while ironing in the morning,

👟 walking – the filmmaker and artist Miranda July regularly sets off on a walk because “there are only so many good ideas you can have sitting in a chair”.

Basically, any chore will do, so if you’re looking for inspiration you should just get cleaning 💪 John Eastwood, a psychologist at the Boredom Lab at York University, Canada says that “Boredom is not in itself creative – it’s what it leads to that is important”.

When do you get most creative? 💭

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