Sensory activities for your children for free

How to organize sensory activities for your children for free? 🧐

Toys are everywhere in the children’s world 🙈 Tons of toys, lying on the floor, in the boxes, in the wardrobe, on the shelves, even on beds. People buy millions of toys for children, and they usually end up tossed away in a corner somewhere, abandoned.

Yet the most interesting toys in the whole house tend to reside in the kitchen – pans, pots, cutlery… 🍴 🍶 🥣 These things occupy the little ones for a longer time than any loud toy available. Time to use that to your advantage. Let’s organize some quality sensory activities:

🎓 give your child a tray, put two cups on it, fill one with water and let them pour it back and forth
🎓 you can do the same with beans or rice, and give your child a spoon to use it to put the beans from one cup to another
🎓 fill a container with any kind of grain and put some larger objects inside, let the child look for them
🎓 use some cardboard boxes to make a slide sticking it to the wall and have fun with your kids dropping the ball and watching it go down
🎓 use different materials to make a sensory board for your child – scraps of different fabrics, a shoelace, different locks, or anything useful you find in your garage

There are so many other options 🤩 Use your wild imagination and play with your kids the way you always wanted to play as a child. There are so many things you can do for free!

What do you do with your children? 💬


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