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This Creative Bite is dedicated to all the people who dare to do. And those who don’t do it yet. If you need words of encouragement. I encourage you to do. We need action.

You see, we can spend another decade discussing concepts, methods, and potential imaginary solutions. Talking about inequalities, lack of resources, and all the challenges we face individually and collectively, etc. At the same time, we can ensure that these challenges are not on the agenda or, if already there, as one of the last priorities because we shouldn’t care much.

I believe we need to stop the madness of overthinking, analyzing, and calculating and just start doing. Not just as individuals trapped in our own stories of inconveniences, the world not being perfect yet or good enough (it will never be), but also as a collective in our public and private organizations and our communities.

I reflected on it after listening to fantastic projects and businesses baked by individuals who, despite many odds, decided to tackle the challenges of our times and just simply go for it.

And yet, despite being optimistic about the future, I know they are exceptions to the rule. A yet another group of people closed in its own silo.

So we need action and genuine collaboration between all the worlds that are on many levels interconnected. We must tap into our individual and collective creative potential, see the world full of possibilities, and co-create the world based on the “eco” approach (not “ego” approach) we want to live in.

So how can we do it? How can we ensure that we tap into our creative potential, create opportunities for collaborations and exchanges, and even more meaningful action? All ideas are welcomed.

There are many ways to do it. I’m personally in love with creative leadership. You can learn more about it and its importance for individuals and organizations here.

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