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In today’s world, where life seems to run at the speed of light, there is one aspect of our existence that I have been reflecting on over the last few months. Great shifts in my personal and professional life contributed heavily to it. Before I will tell you that I’m grateful for all of it, I need to tell you: It has been a mess. Not just the physical mess I frequently encounter in my apartment when I return from trips but also the mental and psychological mess.

A deep overwhelm if you wish.  

And because there is a part of me constantly searching for ideas and solutions, I did a deep soul searching, and at some point, it hit me with the ball of light: The artificial mess that I have experienced was a wonderful result of a mental over consumerism that I have been using as a part of escaping from what was happening in my life. You can imagine it as reading way too much one person can even digest, following and contributing to causes and people that shouldn’t be even on my table (I mean the causes on the table, not the people), etc. 

And because I overconsumed I automatically also under-created.

Don’t get me wrong, I still created a lot. The great decluttering party started in early 2020 together with a very infamous virus. With the beats of Radiohead in my ears and my mission to heal and eliminate the great noise in me and all around me, I somehow felt that nothing is going to be the same. I ended up in the supermassive black hole and needed a little bit of time to find myself on the other side. 

2 years later, and, oh girl – what a privilege to be alive and enjoy the stillness and calm most of the time and to create and create and create. And yes, I’m grateful for the mess.

Have you ever considered mental overconsuming as one of your challenges? If yes, is any decluttering party on the horizon? Or how is your decluttering party going? 


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