Cook creatively

🍽 How do you prepare your meals? Do you pay attention to colors, plating, or creative decorations? And do you know how those creative details affect your meal? Not to mention the artistic experience!

🍱 Any good chef will tell you that how the food is arranged on a plate makes a difference! People enjoy food more when the plating is artistic. Think of the vast field of creativity that it opens up for you! 🍏🍇🍓🥝🍨

Food scientists from Oxford University have found that even the shape and color of plating affects the taste of meals: sweet is sweeter on white round plates, whereas salty food is saltier on black angular ones. Even the weight and color of our utensils can affect how sweet or salty food tastes! 🥢

The preparation of the meals does not have to be boring!

🍒 Make funny sandwiches with your kids: make sliced cucumber eyes, tomato nose, cheese mouth, and sprout hair,
🍒 Cook an artistic five-star dinner for your friends,
🍒 And of course, have fun with your meals!

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