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Don’t you think that creativity is essential in efficient language learning? Learning things in a fun and creative way means remembering them for a long time! You probably still remember creative teachers you’ve had at school and things you’ve learned from them.
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Language games and other fun activities are one of the reasons we like language classes. Here are some tricks for language teachers (but not only!) that boost students’ creativity:

▶Give students the power💪 to create on their own—whether it be presentations, arguments, or assignments. Divide the class into several groups and give each of them a different assignment.

▶Promote active learning. Ask students to think outside the 📦, use their creativity, e.g., ask them to write a poem or describe music 🎼or play a sound and ask students to take down what they feel when they hear it.

▶Create a fun and positive learning environment in the classroom, making the class more enjoyable for the students and you. Fun and positivity are contagious. 🎈

▶Play games; for example, ask students to walk around the school or the yard and write down all of the words they see. Play a game where one student sketches the objects, and fellow students have the chance to guess the correct term.

▶Break the usual routine. 🕣 Change roles, switch up the order, let students choose the assignment, or decide what to do.
Creativity is the spark that gets it all going, so boost it! ✨

👉And what are your experiences with creative language teaching/learning?


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