Creativity has no boundaries

Creativity has no boundaries. It surrounds us everywhere and connects us no matter who and where we are. Searching for and combining new perspectives is at the core of our activities.

That’s why there are only three rules that we follow during our Entrepreneurial Creativity Talks at Creative Switzerland! 🀸

🎈 Every idea is a good idea.
🎈 Even the sky is not the limit.
🎈 What happens here, stays here. We trust each other while sharing every thought that pops up in our marvelous minds.

You can brainstorm, you can discuss and discover new thrilling concepts with amazing, creative people!

Thank you @fufumettler from @swizimtrust, Rhiana Spring from @kona_connect & dr Taro Hosoe from @hosoecaffe for co-creating this session 🎀at Google Switzerland! πŸ€πŸ˜ŽπŸ₯‚

May the force & creativity be with you!

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