Creativity in the kitchen

Is your child a poor eater? Are you worried they don’t get enough nutrients? Creativity in the kitchen can give you outstanding results in improving your child’s eating 🤩

Here are a few ideas on what to make to encourage your child to eat:

🐻 Bear pancakes – this seems to be the easiest and simplest idea, but we’ve seen it in action, and it works wonders! You can add all kinds of fruits and nuts and let your child decorate the bears.

🍱 Make “Nibble Trays”. Creating a “nibble tray” full of delicious and colorful snacks and healthy foods is a great way for your child to try different foods. Add a yummy dip in the center and let them explore the flavors.

🍳 Involve your child in the kitchen. There is no better way to get them interested in eating than letting them prepare their own food 😋

Do you have any proven methods for attracting picky eaters? Share in the comments! 💬


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