Remember how we were coming up with new useful businesses? 🧠 Starting one isn’t as easy as it seems though, especially not a creative one because they tend to require a certain input 💵 But where to get money from?

Crowdfunding is the answer! 🙌 Present your brilliant business idea to others via a crowdfunding site and gather people interested in what you’ll be offering. They will support your business idea with a financial input, and you will offer them some perks when your company is up and running 🎉💪 Win win!

What can you offer?
🎨 the things you’ll be selling
💸 some % from the sales
🎶 early access to your music album or other extra materials/concerts/bonus tracks

Have you ever crowdfunded any business? Or maybe you’d like to gather the means to start your own? 💬


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