Searching for a new creative hobby?

Want to take up a new creative hobby? 🎨 Bullet journals are very popular for some time now. People use them not only as their private notebooks or diaries, but also instead of regular calendars/planners 📆

There are millions of ways to beautifully fill in the bullet journal planner with important dates and scheduled meetings, and you can find them on Pinterest, but there is also one useful skill you can master to take even greater pride with your bullet planner – calligraphy.

You can learn calligraphy by:
▶ watching tutorials on YT or Skillshare,
📚 buying calligraphy workbooks,
🖌 practicing on your own – coming up with your own font, for example.

There are a lot of cool tools to use, like brush pens. You should definitely try it because it’s so much fun!


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