Do extravert people tend to be more creative than introverts?

👉Have you ever thought that extravert people tend to be more creative than introverts❓

Extraverts are often volcanoes of energy and ideas, they dominate the meetings, thus most people are convinced they are more creative than those more withdrawn. However, it doesn’t mean that quieter people do not have ideas – it only means that they are not eager to share them so fast and so loud❗

Introverts may not believe in themselves or be worse team players than extraverts, but the ability to come up with innovative ideas does not depend on whether a person is outgoing or reserved.

The difference lies in different styles of work: they need to let an idea mature in their mind before taking it out to the public 😊😔

💡 So what can we do to get the most of the introverts’ creativity?

We need to adopt a different approach: asking them to shout loads of innovative ideas during a brainstorming session is of no use! Instead, they need to be given time to do the preconception work and prepare the possible solutions at their own pace.

Give it a go and the result might surprise you a lot! 💪🔥

➡What is your experience with that?


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