Curious to travel the world? Do it virtually!

Have you ever tried virtual traveling? 📲 💻

It may be a good idea to travel in times of pandemic, but not only! Getting to know the virtual tour can whet your appetite to see these places in person. And you need creativity🌈 to get to some destinations! ⤵

1. NY, Bogota, or Amsterdam? That’s the most obvious one – wander the globe with Google Street View! 🌍 You can be anywhere with just a few clicks.

2. Watch live webcams showing tourist attractions.

3. Download free travel apps and see any destination through your phone’s screen, e.g., the one here.

Experience a destination’s famous attractions. Plenty of tourist boards worldwide are taking advantage of technology to showcase their best-loved sights.

Search for:

☑Virtual tours
☑Virtual museums and gallery tours
☑Virtual beach tours🏖
☑You can even take a virtual dive! Check it out here.

This one is an absolute must-see! 🔥 Virtually experience Walt Disney World attractions, shows, hotels, monorails, trains, boats, park areas, and more within an interactive 360º video environment!

Cook a meal from a chosen country to transfer your senses of taste and smell to this place. Inhale the aromas, imagining yourself there – or back there! 🥠🥢🥘As you eat your meal, play music from that country to immerse yourself even more 😊

🗨 What do you think about our proposals? Can it be an adventure to travel this way, or it’s just a substitute/prelude to real traveling?


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