Eco organic substitutes

With ecology🌱 being such a hot subject, people look for eco organic substitutes for everything they have been using that was packed in plastic.🧴

The most popular ones are:
🧼 bar soaps
🧼bar shampoos and conditioners
🦷 toothpaste in a glass jar
💄 cosmetics like lip balms or SPFs in paper sticks

Most of those try to use as many organic ingredients as possible. Their effectiveness is often quite remarkable, which makes them worthy opponents to the regular ones 💪

However, if by any chance you can’t or won’t use any of the above, consider:
✔️ buying in bulk
✔️ buying things in recyclable packaging
✔️ buying cosmetics that can be refilled
✔️ simply buying less

That way, you will make at least a small step towards helping the planet. What ecological cosmetics do you guys use? 💬

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