Exercising your brain

Like other muscles in your body, if you don’t use the 🧠, you’ll eventually lose it. This means it’s crucial to exercise your brain and keep it stimulated 🤯

Here are 5 rituals to stretch your mind muscles for you to be sharp and creative:

🌟 Try learning a new language or anything that will make you study a bit every day. That will keep your brain cells stimulated.

😁 Smile – smiling retrains our brain to look for more positive possibilities.

🤸 Keep your body active – exercise stimulates blood flow, which is beneficial for your brain health and functioning. You will be more fit physically and mentally.

💪 Congratulate yourself on small wins – that will increase your energy levels and make you feel happier and thus more eager to achieve even more.

Also, they say eating nuts is generally good for your brain. Have you ever checked that? What do you do to keep your brain fit? 💬


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