Empowering your mornings

Don’t feel like waking up in the morning? 😴 Your alarm rings, and you can’t gather enough energy to get out of bed?

Here are some ideas on how to empower your mornings:

🌞 Sit down and think about your mornings – what they look like? What would you like them to look like?
🌞 Make a plan, figure out how you can make your mornings the way you want them to be – set something you look forward to for the morning.
🌞 Start going to bed earlier – that doesn’t mean you need to go to bed at sundown, just make it 15 minutes earlier, and then 30 minutes earlier. It needs to be gradual so your body can get used to it.
🌞 Ask a loved one to help you – waking up early together with someone you love is way easier and will set your mood right for the rest of the day ☺

Do you have your own ways of boosting your mornings? Share them with us in the comments! 💬


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