Easter time

Easter is coming! 🙌🐣🌸

We are well aware that a lot of us will have to celebrate without our loved ones. We’re coming to the rescue with a few ideas on how to survive these difficult times.

🐣 Meet with your loved ones on video calls as often as you can. This one is pretty obvious, we know, but it’s still the best option these days. You can bake all the goodies with your family on Skype or Zoom, or eat the Easter breakfast with them.

🌸 Come up with some new pleasant traditions – take a walk in the woods to celebrate spring or prepare some food and share it with those in need. You can find organizations to help you make that happen.

🐣 Plan an Easter meeting with your family for the time when you will be able to meet. This will give you hope for the future.

Do you have any creative ideas on how to spend Easter without family this year? Share in the comments, we will all appreciate that 💕


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