Fun and affordable DIY eco decorations

Christmas is lovely, but it is one of those holidays with plenty of excess and wastage: food, tones of plastics, and paper. Why not reduce the environmental burden starting this Christmas? 🎄⭐

Check out some of our ideas for fun and affordable DIY eco decorations you can easily make at home. Not only will you generate less waste, but also you will pass creative moments✨ with your loved ones ↘

⭐ Let’s start with wrapping – have you ever heard of Furoshiki, a traditional Japanese way of gift wrapping with pieces of cloth? Consider using cloth instead of paper 🎁

⭐ If you have a lot of old wrapping paper or gift bags at home – you can use them to make Recycled Paper Christmas Decorations. Roll the paper, cut out shapes, glue them – imagination is the limit! ✂

⭐ Making Salt Dough Decorations is easy and fun. Cut out snowman, reindeers, or Santa, and bake them in the oven. You can color them too and hang them on your Xmas tree! 🌲 . We absolutely love these three:

⭐Use old Xmas Greeting Cards to make an impressive Wreath to hang on your front door.

⭐ CDs Christmas Baubles – crush your old CDs 📀and glue them on baubles to create sparkly mosaic disco ball-like decorations!

⭐ Orange Slice Ornaments are perfect for making together with the youngest kids. Cut the orange🍊 into thin slices, dry them, and then use cloves to poke holes around the outside edge of each piece. Loop your string or ribbon. They will make the house smell delicious!

➡Any ideas of yours will be much welcomed! 💖 And remember, less is more! 💪


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