Ideas of relaxing

Hello Creative Soul! Have you noticed that more than half of the month has already passed? When? How? 🙆‍♀️

What are your goals for the next two weeks?
❓ Your wish is to end as many plans and projects as possible?
❓ Or maybe your mind is already on holiday?

Whatever you choose, don’t forget to spoil yourself with some after-hours winter treats, like gingerbread or hot, delicious winter tea with oranges and cinnamon 🍊🥰

And if you need more relaxation techniques, try some of those:

🌀 Turn off the distractions;
🌀 Calm your mind with coloring books for adults;
🌀 Try some new candle scents or aromatherapy;
🌀 Take an evening walk and watch Christmas lights;
🌀 Practice yoga or stretching exercises before sleep;
🌀 Learn to focus on your present.

And what’s your idea of relaxing? 😉


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