Hand-made gifts are the pure joy

December is a very creative month for many of us: new cooking recipes, DIY Advent Calendars, New Year Planners, and… DIY Christmas gifts!🎁

Are you fans of personalized gifts? We are!

Hand-made gifts are the pure joy of creation for the maker and so precious for the person who receives them. This week we have seven gift ideas that may inspire you to start creating 🌈

📌Make homemade Milk Candles or Beeswax Candles – scent them with sweet aromas that will satisfy the person’s tastes.
📌Cut shapes out of maps from places vital for you and your significant other to make a Love Map Wall Art. Label each location, and frame the piece.
📌Make a custom Cheese Board with a carved name/phrase.
📌Bottle Homemade Salsa, Marmalade, or Pickles in nice mason jars. Tie each lid with a ribbon and tag.
📌Mouse crochet bookmark or animal crochet coasters are cute and a real hit in recent years! They do not require much work either, but if you have time and skills, make crochet or knitted rug – another hit!
📌Paint a T-shirt with fabric paints. You can use paintbrushes or stencils to create your T-shirt art.
📌Make wall art out of newspaper clippings, ideally a paper with special meaning like a high school sports or theatre show clippings. Layer it with a favorite quote or phrase.

👉We are very curious to see if any of these ideas have inspired you. Leave a comment 🙂


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