Helping your child readjust to the new school reality

Kids across Europe are returning to schools and while it’s a huge relief for thousands of parents, children may face different challenges getting back.

If you’re wondering how to help your child readjust to the new school reality, we’re here for you:

🌞 start with pleasant rituals in the morning – eat breakfast together and share your plans for the day. Prepare your child’s favorite dish.
💫 talk with your child about the return – how are they feeling about it? Let them know you’re always there to help them if they need it.
😷 discuss the new COVID-19 rules together and make sure they understand why they should follow them.

We’ve seen a lot of teachers sharing across social media that they intend to focus on rebuilding the relations and bonds with the children instead of pushing them to learn and forcing quizzes and tests, and we love that! 😍

What are your ideas on helping kids readjust to the new reality? 💬

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