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I woke up today to the choir of singing birds. Listening to their diverse voices made me think of the power of creativity and the uniqueness of each of us and everything we are surrounded by.

I realized that birds, like all of us, are making their songs up in the process of singing.

Spring… A shiny blue sky, warm rains, and the joy of dancing in them.

Spring refers to the ideas of rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection, and regrowth. Or maybe this part relates to each season, and it is more present now. For me, that is the time for sparkling ideas.

I ended up at an event a few days ago in the search for them. We were sitting in an impressive piece of architecture, “a Georgian building steeped in history” in London. It was like time travel, with the same feelings of wonder and appreciation of the beauty I experienced not that many years ago when I entered the old building of my high school for the first time. But last Saturday was different. Primarily thanks to the quality of ideas I was listening to.

Here are my highlights on ideas and creativity from the Fellows Festival organized by the Royal Society of Arts.

– Ideas that began on the margins and ended up in the mainstream give us hope.

– There are a thousand reasons why things can’t be done. Our job is to remember the one reason why they are essential to be done.

– Some ideas call to be kept alive even if they will not happen tomorrow.

– Changing the mindset from the mindset of fear to the mindset of abundance.

– Relentless focus on optimism.

I find lots of optimism in ideas, their creation, and implementation aka „singing birds“.
Let these ideas sink in. What type of ideas do they spark in your mind? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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