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You’re not creative.

Here are the reasons:

  • You always have been told so (this applies to most of us).
  • The schools you attended didn’t support arts & creativity. They basically killed your creativity – to quote the famous creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson.
  • Creative “stuff” was always stigmatized – to quote my favorites: It is impossible to make money with creative endeavors, aka you need to get a “real/serious” education and find a job.

Does it sound familiar? 

And there is one more reason:

You always tell me that you aren’t creative when you join my creativity workshops – I am still stunned by this.

And here are a few key facts about creativity and creative (cognitive & manual) skills & why they matter for you and your future.

  • The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report predicts “creativity, innovation, and ideation will be key skills for the workforce of the future. These so-called soft skills, which sit alongside analytical thinking and problem-solving, will replace manual tasks that become automated.” 47% of the employees globally need to upgrade their skills.  

Creativity is the top leadership quality according to CEOs (IBM studies).

  • UNESCO stressed the creative economy’s potential: ”promoting the overall creativity of societies, affirming the distinctive identity of the places where it flourishes and clusters, improving the quality of life there, enhancing local image and prestige, and strengthening the resources for the imagining of diverse new futures.
  • Creativity is at the heart of sustainable development: UN SDGs.

Not yet convinced of the importance of creativity?

Today you have a chance to discover more as we are celebrating World Creativity and Innovation Day designated by the UN “to raise awareness of the role of creativity and innovation in all aspects of human development.”

How are you going to celebrate?

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