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We sit outside in the circle on the blankets. Flames are dancing in a bonfire and singing unsung songs to the sun. Many leaves coordinating their dance with the wind finally found their way to the ground. The sun has already managed to wrap itself in a blanket and go to bed.

Autumn. It is chilly. The cold decided to join us for this last workshop, making it even more remarkable.

“Autumn is the perfect season to let go of things that we cannot control.” – this thought runs back and forth in my mind trying to catch up on everything that happened this year.

“Nature is a perfect example of a creative process – it transforms itself and emerges its future all the time.”

We know that this is the end of the wonderful creative leadership workshops. And an end is always a great beginning of something new. I feel that in my body and mind. The needed change is here, it just opened its door to me, and I jumped to the other side with faith and joy even if I couldn’t feel the latter much yet.

The Creative Leadership program made all the difference for me last year. I will be forever grateful to Lorraine and Simone – the great minds and hearts behind the program. Thanks to their guidance, open hearts, minds, and crazy skills, I embarked on my new journey of discovery, leaving behind what was no longer serving me and starting a brand-new chapter.

“Like nature, we too are perfect examples of a creative process – we transform ourselves and emerge our futures all the time.”

I am delighted to announce that the Creative Leadership program is coming back to Bern this year in late summer. And I cannot wait for you to discover your inner potential, connect to the magic of nature inside and outside of yourself, and learn lots of other things during the three days of this experiential workshop.

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