On the responsibility of creativity

When I met Cathlene for the first time, I was deeply touched by the authenticity, talents and trust she gives to other people and the world despite many life adventures, circumstances and challenges she faced.

So when she invited me to speak at her podcast “Create Imperfect Anyway” about one of my favorite topics (surprise, surprise) creativity, I couldn’t wait for us to find the time and space and share. So we did.

Here is a short summary of our conversation with my recent reflections on the discussed topics.

– Responsibility: You need to take responsibility for your creativity and creative powers. Yes, you are responsible for your full creative self-expression. Well – no one else can do it for you so go for it and create imperfectly anyway.

– Flow: my new version of it is very much living in the present moment – that is the flow. Anything else is micromanagement.

– Transformation: there is nothing much more powerful I experienced so far than facing my past and fears, healing and seeing the future emerge. I wish everyone the courage to do the same. The magic happens on the other side of the mountain.

Much more in the podcast. You can find our podcast episode here. And btw. Cathlene Bell and her Create Imperfect Anyway is also on Patreon https://lnkd.in/eiXMk2-E. Support this great young talent! 🙂 Have a wonderful, creative day everyone!


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