Learning English

If you know English well but have problems with pronunciation and are afraid to speak because of that, we would like to share a few ideas with you:

👉 Watch your favorite shows or movies with English subtitles and listen to how the actors pronounce the words and whole sentences. Try to copy the way they speak by repeating after them. It’s best if you do it out loud, so you can hear yourself.

👉 Check the problematic words in an online dictionary or translator. By clicking the microphone icon you will be able to hear the correct pronunciation.

👉 Listen to English podcasts or audiobooks. There are a lot of audiobooks on any English level, so you can adjust them to your needs. That way you will learn English and English pronunciation involuntarily 😊

👉 If you like music you can listen closely to the lyrics and then check the words in a dictionary and sing them along with the artist 🎧

The best way to learn how to pronounce and accent properly is to speak regularly with a native speaker, but it’s not always possible so be sure to check out our methods 😊

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