What if instead of biting your nails out of nervousness, you took up coloring ❓ Have you already discovered the de-stressing power of adult coloring books❓

Yes, coloring is not just for kids! 🤩Coloring books for adults are a great genius discovery in recent years. Many people claim that coloring comforts them and helps them to relax. It helps us to get calmer when we feel angry and helps and stimulates brain areas related to motor skills, the senses, and #creativity.

🖍Coloring uniquely designed patterns help to combat stress. Try it out, and you may discover that you enjoy yourselves a lot! Also, because it’s not only about coloring butterflies, flowers or mandalas. 🦋🌺
🖍 Nowadays there is a great variety of activity books for grown-ups, in which you not only color but follow mazes, take part in quests and treasure hunts or solve mysteries. There are ones full of dark humor or even swear words to color❗

Sounds fun? So why not checking out another way to free yourself from daily pressures and maybe… feel like a child again? 🖌🌈

👉If you have your favorite coloring books for grown-ups, please leave a comment because we’d like to try them out too! 👊

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