“I’m not a creative person”

“I’m not a creative person” 🙆‍♂️ – sounds familiar? Do you think you’re not creative? Many people do and we believe they are wrong. Creativity is a natural resource, you just need to dig deep enough to find it 😉

“I used to think I’m not creative at all. I don’t have any artistic talent or flair and everything I created was just mediocre until I found my trigger. Turns out that a deadline works wonders for my brain 🤩 Personalized birthday cards for friends or invitations to family celebrations always come out best at the last minute. I’m also pretty good with coming up with new useful businesses that would be great for my region and those ideas usually come at night right before I fall asleep.”


The trick is to stick to things that interest you most and usually simply going for it is enough. Even if you don’t feel creative at all just give it a chance! What do you have to lose? Nothing! You can only benefit from it 💪

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