Supporting local businesses

Running a business in our uncertain times is difficult. Do you have your ways of supporting local businesses?

Here are a few small things you can do:
💙 order takeout from your favorite restaurants
💛 have a coffee with a dessert whenever you’re nearby a café
💙 if you’re a web or a graphic designer, offer your services to the businesses in need and help them adjust to the new reality
💛 share the menus or posts from those companies you want to support on your social media. That might not sound like much, but SM are a great power!
💙 have an idea on how they could upgrade their services? Contact them and let them know! They might get back on track thanks to you!

Staying positive is really challenging these days. That’s why we all should try to make life easier and happy for each other every day 🥰

Do you know other easy ways of supporting local businesses? Let us know in the comments! 👉💬


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