Learning to learn a new language more effectively

When you want to learn a new language 🇪🇸 and look up the best possible ways on the internet, you get flooded with “best hacks” and language learning techniques that are supposed to boost up your level of a given language in days. Now that is totally wrong.

⛔ Sorry, but that’s the harsh truth. If you really want to learn a language, you have to work hard.

However, some methods are more effective than others and here they are:
✅ conversations with native speakers – the more you talk to the natives the better and quicker you will learn their language
✅ carry a dictionary with you and check the words you don’t know as you speak – there are many apps available and if you use a new word in a conversation there’s the highest chance you will remember it
✅ “How do you say X?” is the most important sentence you can possibly learn. Learn it early and use it often
✅ find a way to make it fun – talk to interesting people while doing things that match your interests, make funny associations to remember vocabulary better,
✅ use sticky notes with useful phrases and place them all over your house,
✅ learn both questions and answers to be able to communicate with others.

There is no easy way to learn a language, but talking with natives is surely the best and quickest one. If spending time in the country where the language you want to learn is not an option, find a buddy online. 👩‍💻

Do you know any language learning techniques that work well? 💭

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