Promoting your business

While summer is definitely over 🍁, most business owners face the challenge of coming up with new ideas on how to promote their products.

🦠 COVID has made things even harder, but there are a few things you can do if you want to popularize your business this fall.

🔥 Take part in handmade trade fairs — find all the ones COVID hasn’t shut down yet and go for it. It’s a perfect way to present your products to a broader audience. There’s also a high chance you’ll find another craftsperson to collaborate with and take your businesses to another level.

🔥 Start an online class or a workshop – show your clients how to make some useful stuff using your products, or sell your products to those who love the outcome but can’t make it themselves.

🎃 Autumn and winter are full of holidays – use them to your advantage. Organize sales, promotions, quick deals, gift boxes, bundles.

🌟 Get to know how Pinterest works and start being active there. Post your most interesting creations regularly, and keep up with the trends.

🤳 TikTok is also a great idea to quickly boost your sales, so if you have something the crowd will like, it’s worth taking a shot.

Any more effective ways to promote creative businesses this fall? 💭

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