Meet the creator: Alexandra Bzdzikot

🗨 “Since early years of my life, I enjoyed painting and drawing. Being creative is an essential part of my every day life. Teaching how to be creative is something I adore doing. Sharing my skills, my knowledge, and bringing about the best emotions in my students to paint their dreams is one of my goals”.

Aleksandra Bzdzikot 👩‍🎨

😊 She strongly believes that being creative enhances your good mood and positive energy.

🙏 By doing something with your hands you are the creator. And painting is a wonderful creation.

🎨 The process of painting helps to relieve stress, anxiety and takes you on a wonderful journey into discovering yourself and your inner world.

👉 Aleksandra is also a successful family constellation therapist and art therapist. If you seek guidance or want to explore and develop your creative potential, visit her fanpage Plantation of Creativity and find out more about drawing classes that she performs in Zurich!

Extremely happy to have such talented creators on board 😊 👇👇👇

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