November 🦔🍎 can be a very creative month. All the chestnuts, acorns, colorful leaves, and pumpkins call for our attention. Let our creativity explode with fantastic autumn crafts! 🍂🍁 Acorn man and chestnut chaps are classical, but you do not need to stop there. 😊

⤵You can make:

🍎bark chandeliers🍁🍁
🍎put an orange candle and acorns into a glass, transparent chandelier🍁
🍎candlelit apples surrounded by chestnuts and acorns🍁
🍎autumn wreaths of rowanberries and leaves🍁
🍎beautiful compositions from the gifts of autumn, dry leaves, colored cones🍁
🍎autumn candles with autumn gadgets sunk in the wax🍁

💡Or maybe you will try to make an acorn vase?

Have fun collecting acorns with your kids and use them to make a stunning vase – just hot glue the acorns to a plastic pot. You can roast them first to get rid of the bugs.

We realize that most of these autumn decorations are not durable. However, this way, you can have a new portion of fun collecting and creating your decorations every year!

➡ And in the meantime, share with us, do you have your flagship autumn decorations?


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