Saving money creatively

Saving money is often in the top 5 when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions. Can we do it creatively? 🌈 Of course, we can! We believe that creative saving has an even greater chance of success than simply cutting on things we like ✂✂✂

Let us give you ideas that may be good to start you on:

☑ Sell your used books, clothes & other little things. Try to keep your home light – it will free not only your physical space but also the one in your head.
☑ Track and audit your budget. You can do it with a simple Excel Sheet. See how much you spend on daily coffee or think if you need 5 streaming subscriptions.
☑ Put all unexpected income and financial gifts into a savings account.
☑ Do not succumb to advertisements impulsively. Save them for later and think about what you like or need.
☑ Wanna go out? Check out for new events and activities going on around. Find them through local Facebook events or a local newspaper.

Little changes to your lifestyle and habits can bring a big change 💪

See for yourself and tell us about how you’re getting on! 💬


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