Starting your own business?

Are you bored with your current job? 🥱 Would you like to start something new and work for yourself? How about starting your own business? 🌟

There are many seasonal businesses you can try to see whether running your own business is a thing for you, for example:
🍦 food truck/ice cream truck – people will always eat, so you won’t complain about the lack of clients 😉
🏘 house sitting – you can watch over the houses of wealthy people while they’re on vacation,
🏊‍♀️ swimming/surfing/skiing instructor – if you can do it well yourself you can teach others,
🗼 a tour guide business – guide tourists around your city. You’ll get a chance to meet new people, and get to know even more about the place where you live,
🍂 in spring and fall you can do gardening services like leaves raking, planting, or watering.

The list of ideas is a lot longer, just snoop around the internet and find something that’s just right for you and do it! 💪

Have you ever tried any seasonal businesses? 🗯


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